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My daughter and I just finished reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  As my daughter has entered HS and is writing a lot for several classes, this seemed to be a good fit for right now.  It was a little slow for a read aloud, as there is no dialogue.  But, we both enjoyed it.  And, it is always good to hear an author’s writing process.  Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors, both fiction and non fiction.  This non fiction book, as it states on the cover, is basically “Some instructions on writing and life”  This is very true of Bird by Bird.  There is some advice for writing and making yourself a better writer.  There is also some advice on life and making your life better.  Its a good read, for older children.  There is some foul language, but . . .that’s part of life.

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Ok, so I know this is supposed to be a blog about books to read to your kids, but, I’m sure you read, too.  I pre-ordered this book back in September.  It is written by the very talented Kate Spencer.  I knew her mom (the dead mom of which she writes) and her dad.  I loved her mom, and miss her.  I always say if you read a book and you cant put it down (no matter the subject matter), then it is a success.  This was a tough read for me, but I couldn’t put it down (success!).  While I knew some of the details of Martha’s illness, Kate really gets to the heart of it.  I cried because it was sad, maybe sadder because I knew Martha.  But, there was more laughter than tears.  Laughter, remembering how wonderful and funny Martha was. Laughter, picturing Kate’s dad doing all typical Jim stuff for which we know and love him.  This book is a beautiful love letter to Martha, and also to anyone suffering a loss.

“I like to think of our lives this way; we start with one stone at the bottom and slowly build upwards, experiences and moments balancing precariously on top of each other, making up who we are.  And when elements knock the rocks over, we rebuild, with the same pieces but a new shape.  We are different, misshapen and unsteady, but still whole.”


Everytime I go on Instagram (readingtoyourkids – follow me!), I get overwhelmed by how little I think I am doing.  There are pictures of books that I want to read.  I think “ooh, let’s put this one on our list.”  And, then I see another one that looks good.  It’s overwhelming.  I need to keep to our already several lists of what we want to read.  We are trying to get through as many as we can from the Gilmore Girls list  We also have the books from The Reading Promise.  And, we try to read as many Nutmeg ( nominees as possible so that we can vote for a winner.

No wonder we feel overwhelmed.  Oh, that reminds me, we all should probably re-read Wonder since the movie will be out a week from today.

I will just keep reminding myself that what I have to read is enough.  The curse of social media; it is making me think that I need to more.  To paraphrase Dory  – “just keep reading”.  I will try to keep up with posting!