So, Harry Potter has been around for a long time (20 years to be exact – why didn’t LEGO resissue the Harry Potter LEGOs to time with the 20th Anniversary?).  I remember a teacher friend reading it way back when I was single.  I read the entire series when the kids were very little.  My daughter was capable of reading it by 3rd grade but admitted that she was afraid.  Many of her friends were reading it, and she was feeling left out.  We decided to read it together.  I read Books 1-5 aloud to her.  By the time we got through #5, she told me she was done and wanted to do #6 and #7 on her own, which she did in about 2 weeks!  And, she has re-read the entire series at least twice.  I read the 1st book aloud with my son.  He was ready to move on to read them on his own immediately after that.  He loved them.  And, now that they have read the books, they watch the movies as well!

If you’re thinking your child is not ready for some books, read  them on your own.  If you think the subject matter is okay, suggest to your child that you read them aloud.  Any questions they have, or comprehension issues can be dealt with as you are reading.  I think it would be a win-win for everyone.

Happy Reading!

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