My daughter and I are always looking for books to read aloud.  I am dreading the day when she doesn’t want me to read to her anymore.  Maybe we’ll be like this father-daughter  What an inspiration – and, I bet if I showed this article to my daughter, she would be willing to do it!  I digress.

The latest book that we have finished is A Cricket in Times Square by George Selden, drawings by Garth Williams.  I used to read this to my first grade class when I was teaching in NYC – I thought it was appropriate given that we all lived in NYC.  I think what my daughter likes best about all the books we read, and she reads on her own is the relationships between the characters.  Chester, the cricket, arrives in the subway station on Times Square and becomes friendly with Tucker, the mouse, and Tucker’s best friend, Harry Cat (yes, a mouse and a cat are best friends).  Mario, the little boy vows to take care of Chester.  His parents, especially his mother, is not very happy about this.  But, Chester begins to play music that she adores.  Chester soon becomes the talk of the town.  Despite all his his new friends, and his new life and adventures, he knows when it is time to go home.

I guess that is true of most people – and recent graduates, take note.  It is important to go out, make new friends, have lots of adventures.  Trust me, you will know when it’s time to go home.

Happy Reading!