marshfieldRalph Fletcher was the visiting author at my daughter’s school this year.  She really enjoyed him and his books.  Her teacher read her class Fig Pudding, which my daughter suggested we read aloud with my son.  But, since it was early in the school year and there were no pictures in the book, he quickly said no.  A few months ago, she suggested we read Marshfield Dreams aloud.  We needed a break from Harry Potter, and this was perfect.  It is about Mr. Fletcher growing up in Marshfield, MA, his family – that seemed to be forever growing, his friends.  How easy it was to play outside for hours back when we were kids. (and yes, I did walk in the snow to school, uphill, both ways! – sarcasm!)  Ralph Fletcher’s stories bring you right there with him.  It is as though you are one of the 9 Fletcher children.  My daughter loved hearing theses stories.  And, guess what. when we fininshed, my son asked if I could read it to him.  We are not quite finished with it – but he is enjoying it as well, and there are only a few pictures at the beginning of every chapter.  Perhaps we can get him to listen to Fig Pudding next.

Happy Reading!