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My Sister, The Serial Killer

I debated about putting this book on the blog. While the title may seem ominous, the story and theme is not.

My sister told me about this book.  She and I are very different in our book choices.  She tends to read romantic novels, I lean more towards realistic fiction.  She thought I might like this book. She also suggested that the books I choose might be the reason for my panic attacks.  So, I decided to read this just to spite her.

It was a quick read and very enjoyable, as far as serial killings go😉.  Korede, a nurse, and the less attractive of the two sisters, is bitter towards her sister as well as her upbringing.  Ayoola, the younger sister is beautiful, clueless as to the power she has over men, and never thinks of her actions or how it will affect others.  Korede is called by Ayoola to clean up the mess after she kills another of her boyfriends.  And, Korede does so, willingly.   Korede continues to acquiesce to her sister’s apathetic behavior even while trying to protect the man with whom she is currently involved.  My Sister, The Serial Killer is the story of sisterly love, and jealousy.  How far is Korede willing to go to protect Ayoola?  I don’t believe this will cause any panic attacks!

Happy Reading!📚💕📚

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