Out of My MindOut of my Mind by Sharon Draper is simply amazing.  Melody is 5th grader with cerebral palsy, she cant walk, she can’t talk; but she can certainly think and make herself heard.  I couldn’t stop reading!  Early on, she struggles to communicate with others (although she is communicating with the reader).  Some people, like her parents, are aware that she is trying.  But, others, including doctors and special education teachers, simply think that she is a vegetable.  She finally is able to get a computer that can speak for her.  WOW – what an impression she makes!  Smart, funny, someone that just wants to be normal.  This book is not to missed!

My daughter has just started reading it.  After reading Wonder, it was interesting to discuss with her how she felt about appearances and people in general.  It will be interesting to hear her reaction to Out of my Mind.  In our extended family we have two special needs children – neither of whom can walk or talk.  What do you think they would say if they could talk?  When you have people so close to you that are similarly affected, it makes you think that much harder about their situation.

Bravo to Sharon Draper for giving Melody a voice!

Happy Reading!