The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

I saw this book at my daughters book fair back in November.  She said she wasn’t interested, but I was intrigued.  So, I bought it for myself, and in the hopes that she would be interested at some point.  She is a chocoholic, like her dad, so I thought I, at least, had that going for me.  I loved it!  And, now it is on her list of books to read.

At the Life is Sweet candy factory four twelve year olds are about to compete in the national candymaking competitition.  Logan, Miles, Daisy and Philip all have different reasons for wanting to win, and all have different secrets they want to hide.  However, they find that through true friendship they want to share these secrets that make them who they are.  It is an important lesson for children to learn – not everybody is what they seem on the outside, and you never know what is going on in someone else’s life that makes them act the way they do.  This was beautifully written, from each child’s perspective, each one filled with surprises, chocolate and sweetness!  I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for all of them at the competition.

I am looking forward to reading more of Wendy Mass (

Happy Reading!