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The Giver by Lois Lowry

We were on vacation last week.  We didn’t do much, some college visits for my daughter, but mostly we have been enjoying our ‘staycation’.  The best part about it is sleeping late in our own beds. 

My son and I finished The Giver over vacation.  I read it on my own a few years ago and enjoyed it.  And, it is one of the finalists in my son’s Final Four reading class (any books in the brackets that he hasn’t read, he wants to read!).  And, Lois Lowry never disappoints.

The Giver is the story of Jonas and his perfect life.  He lives in a community where everything is planned.  He has two parents and a sister, as does each family, all chosen by the committees of the community.  Each year as the children grow, they are given new responsibilities.  When they turn 12, they are given their ‘assignments’.  These assignments are what they will do for the rest of their lives.  Jonas is chosen as “The Receiver”.  It is a revered assignment, and everyone is very proud of Jonas for being chosen.  Jonas has become the Receiver of Memories.  This position holds all the memories; a sleigh ride, pain from a sunburn, war, and happiness to name just a few.  The memories are supposed to help the elders of the community make decisions about what is best for their people.  As Jonas receives more and more memories, he realizes what he has been missing from his life.  What will he do?

I just reread the dedication page and it is soooo perfect.  “To all children, to whom we entrust the future.”

Lois Lowry has always been a favorite of mine.  She is a very talented writer, being able to engage the reader in all different genres.

I highly recommend The Giver and any Lois Lowry book. Check out her website (, it has a list of her books.

Happy Reading! 📚💕📚

There is The Giver Quartet of Books.  I haven’t read the others, but I will – stay tuned!

The Giver

Gathering Blue



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