Ok, I’m back.  We had Christmas and New Year’s and a whole lot of sitting around by the fire, plus shoveling out of Snowmageddon and dealing with the bitter cold.  Plus, I started a Whole30 (3rd time, so I know what to expect).

My son and I finished The Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum (#2 in The Wizard of Oz series).  I went to the library and got about half a dozen new choices for our next book – including The Legend of Bagger Vance (my son is a golfer), Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Sawyer.  He barely looked at any of the choices.  He wanted me to go back and get the next in The Wizard of Oz series!  And, he wants me to read all 13!  He very rarely requests books!  So exciting!

The Land of Oz is much like the first one with a group of new friends going on an adventure.  I found the characters in this one to be much more entertaining.  Tip, a young boy, creates Jack Pumpkinhead, and they begin their journey, along with the Saw Horse that they made together.  Along the way, they meet HM Woggle Bug, TE (Highly Magnified Woggle Bug, Thoroughly Educated – because, before he was magnified, he hung out in a college classroom.)  More characters come along the way in their search for the real Princess of the Land of Oz.

This book was published in 1904.  Its a fun read, good vocabulary and great characters and plot, with a little suspense.  I highly recommend!

Happy Reading!