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The Stars Beneath our Feet by David Barclay Moore

The Stars Beneath Our FeetI subscribe to The New York Times and usually on Fridays they publish an article about new books they are recommending.  I glance through it and think “this one looks good, but I have so many on my TBR lists that I just can’t put another one it.”  Before Christmas, The Stars Beneath our Feet by David Barclay Moore was in one of the Friday lists.  In the brief description in the NYT it mentioned LEGOs, I was hooked.  I made a point of writing it down immediately so I could get it out of the library.  I am always looking for books for my 12 year old son.  This one seemed perfect for my LEGO loving boy.

I read it myself to make sure it was ok.  It was.  I imagine we might have had some discussions if we read it aloud together.  It takes place in Harlem and the lifestyle is drastically different than ours.  Lolly, the main character, is dealing with the death of his older brother.  He finds refuge in LEGOs and with some new friends.  Moore creates characters that are real.  Struggling, helping, trying to survive in their world.  These characters make an impression on you.  They did on my son.  As I said, my son, has no first hand knowledge about life in Harlem.  Isn’t that what books are for, to teach children about other worlds, to open their eyes to other peoples life?  I worked in exactly the area where this book takes place.  I could picture the characters in my mind.  Hopefully, my son could do the same.

I recommend this book, but I also suggest reading it on your own first.  It will help when you discuss it with your child.

Happy Reading!

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