I can’t say we’re back and better than ever . . . but we are back.  I am going to try to keep up with this again.  My daughter is going to be helping me out.  Hopefully, as I get my feet wet, I will figure things out.  In the meantime, please be patient with me.

We began ” a streak” a few years ago, just like Alice Ozma and her father (The Reading Promise).  Tomorrow we will have read every night for 1600 days!!!!!  We made up our own rules.  We have to read every night or day, no matter what.  I am reading to both of my children, but when we are on vacation, we read one book together.  When we are pressed for time or its Friday night and I just can’t bear to read 2 chapter books we opt for one book, and its usually one of our favorite picture books (we still have them in our bookcase).  And, as there have been times when I have been travelling, we have welcomed guest readers (grandmother, aunt).

Most of our entries going forward will be books that we have read.  There have been some overlaps with reading to both children.  But, they have very different interests, so there is quite a variety of titles.

Feel free to suggest books!  I am looking forward to making this site worthwhile for everyone who stops by.  Tell your friends!